MAK Massage - Relax. Rejuvenate. Balance.

Massage Services:

  • Neuromuscular Therapy -is based on neurological laws that explain how the central nervous system maintains homoeostatic balance, and in many cases, eliminates the cause of a person’s acute to chronic myofascial pain and dysfunction.In a healthy individual, nerves transmit impulses, which are responsible for every movement, function and thought to the body very slowly. Injury, trauma, postural distortion or stress cause nerves to speed up their transmission, preventing equilibrium and making the body susceptible to pain and malfunction. It is therefore necessary to stabilize low levels of neurological activity to maintain normal function and overall health. Neuromuscular therapy is intentional work and can be tender in some spots. However those tender areas usually need the most work. 

  • Myofascial Release -Myofascial release is the three-dimensional application of sustained pressure and movement into the fascial system in order to eliminate fascial restrictions and facilitate the emergence of emotional patterns and belief systems that are no longer relevant or are impeding progress. First, an assessment is made by visually analyzing the human frame, followed by the palpation of the tissue texture of various fascial layers. Upon locating an area of fascial tension, gentle pressure is applied in the direction of the restriction. Myofascial release is an effective therapeutic approach in the relief of cervical pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, neurological dysfunction, restriction of motion, chronic pain, and headaches.

  •  Swedish Massage -Swedish Massage is great if this is your first massage. Some of the benefits from a swedish massage include lowering stress levels, relaxation, and relieving stress. Lotion/oil is used during a swedish massage and you may request the amount of pressure you desire. 

  • Prenatal Massage- Prenatal massage is excellent for expecting mothers that are past their 12th week of pregnancy. Prenatal massage relieves swelling, aches and pain related to pregnancy, reduces stress, anxiety, and depression that may accompany pregnancy. Prenatal massage is done with the client laying on her side. 

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